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Custom Design & Manufacturing

Decorative Millwork Products through White River Hardwoods can produce custom lineal mouldings and woodcarvings for many different types of architectural styles. We offer multiple wood species, from the finest kiln-dried lumber, available in various thicknesses for custom designs. White River also has a large collection of tooling. All tooling, stock or custom, is done in-house. We meet the needs and requirements of Architects, Designers, and Builders alike.

New Construction
Throughout history, architectural details have added warmth and interest to private homes, public buildings and commercial projects. White River can produce for new Residential or Commercial specifications. No matter how unique the design… we can fabricate it.

We can match profiles and designs currently existing in your residential or commercial remodel. We can produce to your specific needs by matching size, species or design. Include us in your next remodel to ensure the quality your project deserves.

Renovation & Restoration
We can re-create older patterns where tooling is no longer available to keep your project historically correct. We can assist you in maintaining the integrity of the space or building you are restoring. Our mouldings, stock or custom, create style, enhance historical value and add architectural detail on a personal level.

Custom Mouldings

Custom mouldings come in various shapes and sizes. It is completely up to you, the customer, to create what you need… We will follow your drawings precisely! Following are the many ways we can create a custom moulding per your specifications.
  • Change pattern or create new pattern on existing profiles.
  • Create new profile for stock patterns.
  • Create completely new pattern and profile. (New tooling and drawing for new tooling is done in-house for custom profiles. New decorative wheels and dies are produced for custom embossed and Mon Reale patterns. New dies can be an expense to produce, knives are not.)
  • Custom Wood Species stocked for custom designs
Maple (Northern Soft and Northern Hard)
Alder (Clear and Knotty) Cherry Walnut
Cypress White Oak Red Oak
Birch Mahogany Ash

Custom Carvings

Contact us for further information regarding custom carving projects. Custom species, modified sizes and proprietary designs are available. Call for more information regarding your specific needs. Minimums may apply.

  • Modify existing designs
  • Create proprietary designs
  • Wood Species stocked for custom carvings
Maple Cherry Mahogany
White Oak Lindenwood Rosewood
Cypress Rubberwood Beechwood
Minimums may apply.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Decorative Millwork Products offers the complete line of White River Hardwoods products, including mouldings, woodcarvings, medallions and other millwork accessories. We strive to keep in step with Architects and Designers alike by continually adding helpful design tools. The CAD CD is the latest addition which has all of White River's products. To use the CD you must be using AutoCAD®. Just fill out the form, call or fax us your request.

White River products is NOW also available in 3D software form through 20/20 Technologies. This interactive catalog will enable designers to create custom Kitchen & Bath concepts using White River products.

  • Includes all White River products in DWG format. DXF format available upon request.
  • Each moulding file shows the profile and front views and profile dimensions. Each carving file shows the front view with dimensions.
  • Available to Architects and Designer utilizing AutoCAD®.
All the White River products we stock are also available in 3D software through 20/20 Technologies. This interactive catalog will enable designers to create custom Kitchen & Bath concepts using White River products.

(Contact a Decorative Millwork Products Representative to receive a CD.)


We offer 7 Fabulous Finishes in MetalwoodT for all of our beautiful hardwood mouldings and hand-carved woodcarvings. MetalWoodT comes in seven real-metal finishes and provides the authentic look and feel of metal. MarbleWood® gives you the look and feel of marble at a fraction of the cost. There is no expensive, time-consuming faux finishing to be done on the jobsite. These Fabulous Finishes are especially well-suited for Mon Reale® mouldings and our Authentic Hand-Carved® Woodcarvings.

A timeless classic metal that has endured unlike any other. Hand-rubbed to reveal subtle variations in the metal and to accent natural shadows.
There is no substitute for the warm and subtle glow of this beautiful hand-polished metal.
Copper Patina
Patina complements the subtle glow of copper, giving it a pale-green, naturally aged and weathered look and creating character and Old World charm.
The glimmer of hand-polished nickel presents a beautiful contrast to dark spaces.
Iron Rust
The strength of this great metal adds instant history and character to any surface. This finish will continue to rust naturally.
A silver-white metal that is cool, contemporary and strong.
Antique Brass
A fine, high-quality metal with a deep, penetrating shine. Hand-polished to show the value of time.
The MetalWoodT Process
1) Mouldings and/or woodcarvings are prepared to accept the metal coating and to ensure complete adhesion to the surface.
2) The 95% real-metal MetalWoodT finish is applied by hand using a cold-spray process, then convection cured at a temperature range of 86 to 91 degrees F.
3) After curing, the polishing process begins with sand-blasting the finish. (Any patina is hand-applied at this time.)
4) Next, each piece is given a top coat and is then hand-polished to bring out the unique metal finish. (Please note that a top coat is not applied to the Iron Rust finish.)

MetalWoodT Touch-Up Recommendations
To minimize the appearance of nail holes, place nails in discreet areas of the surface. For Brass, Bronze and Nickel finishes, use Minwax Blendfil Pencil No. 8 to fill nail holes. For copper finishes, use Minwax Blendfil No. 5.

Technical & Design Assistance

Technical Assistance is readily available by contacting us. We have the resources necessary to answer your questions quickly and accurately. Call us for the information you need. Following are just a few of the topics we can address:
  • Product Dimensions
  • Available Species
  • General Installation and Finish Guidelines
  • Appropriate product applications
Design Assistance
Design Assistance via telephone, fax or email is available by contacting us. The Design staff will be happy to help with items concerning design style and proportions, as well as assisting in appropriate product selection. Following are just a few of the many topics we address:
  • Design Style
  • Multiple Piece Build-ups (Large Combination Details, LCDs)
  • Design Scale/Good Proportions
  • Product Specifications
  • Complementary Mouldings and Carvings