Decorative Millwork Products
Decorative Millwork Products is the first and only One Stop Source for designers, architects, builders, and homeowners to purchase the entire line of White River Hardwoods - Woodworks products. We are the premiere online site and exclusively stock White River quality products for all your decorative millwork needs. We offer quality products and are committed to providing exceptional customer service and an easy purchasing experience.

White River is the manufacturer of Traditional & Embellished Hardwood Mouldings, Authentic Hand-Carved Woodcarvings, Hand-Carved Full-Surround Mantels, Mantel Shelves, and Cabinetry and Furniture adornments.

Astute homeowners, architects, designers, and builders know that every $100 spent on beautiful decorative millwork products adds at least $300 or more in market value. Decorative millwork products add value well in excess of their cost.

Throughout history and now, elegant hardwood mouldings and decorative millwork products have embellished the finest homes and commercial buildings all over the world. We meet your needs to match every application for every budget - now you can get it all in one place > or

We strive to offer elite service through friendly service and understanding that customers are our most valued assets. Our goal is to create the most valuable, educational, and useful website for you.

Decorative Millwork Products achieves success by commitment to a demonstrable superior product, fair and equitable trade practices, and uncompromised customer service.

White River's stain-grade Poplar and Red Oak mouldings based on classical rules of balance and proportion were a refreshing deviation from the paint-grade softwoods that had dominated the market for decades. We have researched the industry and have provided you with the best products both in quality and designability.

Thank you for all your support and business!